Fresh Eggs for Sale.

This is one of my favorites. I think because the chickens are actually pieces of pine cone.
This was an actual farm in Kansas that my husband photographed one day when we were visiting relatives. Below is the painting that he did of the farm. Below that is the source image.
Engineering the Gazebo so that it looks full size but it is actually less than an inch wide was quite a feat. The walk way was made from a layer of stone that chipped off my stone patio rocks
Three steps leading to an open door, hopefully a welcoming open door..

One Room

This box was a labor of love that was presented to my sister, Judy, when she retired from teaching school for 38 years. I worked on "laying the stones" just like a mason would lay stone and it took many hours. The swings will actually swing back and forth if you shake the box. Below is the actual one room schoolhouse that I used as a model for this. It is now a museum in the Flint Hills of Kansas.
I am very grateful to Jo Watts for this box. This is a rendition of the front gate of her property, but I didn't make it from seeing her gate. It was "copied" from her beautiful watercolor picture of "My Front Gate."
The "Potting Shed" was such fun. I remember those old Insect Killer bottles from my parents house. Just the sight of them was synonmous with "POISON." I haven't seen them around recently, maybe they contained DDT.

I carved the Sun Face out of styrofoam and sewed the gloves from a bandana hankerchief. The hardest part of this box was convincing my husband to let me use the antique file handle for the spade. (If you could see the back of the spade you could tell that it was cut from a Heineken Beer Can - I needed a big can!) You have been sent 1 picture.